氣液增壓泵這些特點 99%的人不知道

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The gas-liquid booster pump is a kind of pump product which is powered by compressed air and based on the principle of area difference to continuously output the hydraulic oil according to the fixed pressure ratio and used to drive the hydraulic actuator to work.


   Automatic circulation of gas pump. In the early stages of compressed air, it is used as a normal liquid transport pump, which is the fastest cycle, and the output of liquid flow is the largest. As the output pressure increases, the piston suffers more and more resistance, and the pump cycle is slower and slower. 


 When the reaction force of the output pressure is balanced with the aerodynamic force, the pump will automatically stop.The pump is at constant pressure and does not consume any energy, so it provides an economical source of power.


When the output pressure drops due to leakage or other reasons, or the air supply pressure increases, the pump will start immediately, which benefits from the low friction resistance of the pump itself, and ensures the reliability of the output pressure.

氣液增壓泵這些特點 99%的人不知道



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